Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management (SSRM) Programme


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Duration: 5 Days

SHEQ is an acronym for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. With a SHEQ system in place, the company benefits from an improvement in quality, lower impact on the environment, lower levels of waste, improved customer satisfaction, higher employee morale, fewer accidents (and lower costs associated with these), and ongoing legal compliance with statutory requirements.

This programme covers the following courses pertinent to Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management.  Upon completion of all courses learners will be awarded an Advanced Programme Certificate.

  • Risk Management Activism Factors
  • Causes and Consequences of Incidents
  • Managing Risk Exposures (Integrated Risk Management)
  • Managing Legal Risk Exposures
  • Basic Risk Assessment
  • Measuring and Monitoring Risk Control
  • Inspections for Incident Prevention and Cost Control
  • Introduction to SHEQ Management
  • Developing workplace rules and PPE Systems
  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Effective SHEQ communication skills
  • Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Management
  • Managing critical tasks
  • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Developing and managing teams
  • Company safety culture; change management
  • Risk System development and implementation


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