SSRM 17: Risk Management System development and implementation


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In this module learners will be provided with an understanding of and insight into the development and implementation of a system by interpreting the planning of a risk control system, interpreting the implementation, checking and action taken on a risk control system and using ergonomics to sell a systems approach to risk control management.


Plan a risk control system

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • Site leadership accepting the need for change
  • Communication
  • Orientation and introductory sessions
  • Developing a long-range implementation plan
  • Training site co-ordinators
  • Training site leadership
  • Conducting an initial assessment
  • Developing a short to mid-range action plan
  • Specific roles and responsibilities
  • Developing reference material
  • Conducting specific training
  • Monitoring system
  • Conducting period assessments
  • Conducting on-going training and communication


Implement, check and act on a risk control system

  • Introduction
  • Tips for implement a risk control system
  • Checking
  • Acting


Using economics to sell a systems approach to risk control management

  • Introduction
  • Estimate the cost of the site’s incidents.
  • Estimate the investment to implement a systems approach to risk control.
  • Estimate the reduction in incident costs over a five-year period.
  • Determine the difference between the costs of implementing a risk control system and the reduced costs of site incidents.
  • 10 credits towards the DQS XPERT Sustainable SHEQ Risk Management (SSRM) Diploma
  • Downloadable DQS XPERT certificate, with a certificate number that can be verified on the portal.
  • Content is supplied and reviewed by international DQS Technical Experts/ Lead Auditors
  • Registration on the eLearning Portal is valid for 1 year with access to live updates, subject matter experts/instructors
  • Final exam with a 100% pass rate

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