DQS SA ISO 28001 Specification for security management system for the supply chain


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The purpose of this module is to provide awareness of the requirements for security management systems for the supply chain





  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Security management system
    • General requirements
    • Security management policy
4.3   Security risk assessment and planning
4.3.1        Security risk assessment
4.3.2        Legal, statutory and other security regulatory requirements
4.3.3        Security management objectives
4.3.4        Security management targets
4.3.5        Security management programmes
4.4   Implementation and operation
4.4.1        Structure, authority and responsibilities for security management
4.4.2        Competence, training and awareness
4.4.3        Communication
4.4.4        Documentation
4.4.5        Document and data control
4.4.6        Operational control
4.4.7        Emergency preparedness, response and security recovery
4.5   Checking and corrective action
4.5.1        Security performance measurement and monitoring
4.5.2        System evaluation
4.5.3        Security-related failures, incidents, non-conformances and corrective and preventive action
4.5.4        Control of records
4.5.5        Audit
4.6   Management review and continual improvement


Course duration : 5 hours


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