Certified trust with Hello Hygiene For the hospitality Industry

Businesses that can swiftly adapt to the “new normal”, gaining and maintaining patron trust is focused on ensuring guest hygiene and safety.

Cirebelle receives EFfCI GMP certification

Cirebelle, a chemistry-led manufacturer in the cosmetics industry, has been awarded the EFfCI GMP 2017 Standard Certification.

Standards more crucial than ever

An international accreditation, be it an ISO, GC-Mark acts as a public declaration of organisational reputability on a global level.

Yara Animal Nutrition

After successful completion of an assessment process, Yara Animal Nutrition, South Africa has successfully achieved the GC-Mark.

Kleine Constantia says Hello Hygiene!

The Hello Hygiene! certification is presented to hotels that have passed audits proving their compliance with hygiene standards.

Should you apply for the GC-Mark?

The GC-Mark can be applied to a multitude of industries, integrating easily with other standards of accreditation.

Consumer trust has a new name!

The GC-Mark exists to inspire confidence in customers, giving them a familiar experience no matter where they are in the world.

How Secure is Your Supply Chain?

A supply chain management solution supports your company's goals to simplify trade, streamline communication, fast-track logistics, etc.